From March 12 til April 10 there is a Ferris Wheel in Rotterdam City Centre, next to the Markthal.
It is 55 meters high and has a total of 42 gondolas for 6 people, 1 VIP gondola with leather chairs. There is also arranged a special gondola for the disabled.
Entrance is 6 euro per person (and 4 euro for children under 11 years old), you will go 4/5 rounds.

Or you can choose for the VIP gondola, then you can sit for 30 minutes.
It will costs 60 euro for 1-2 persons or 90/95 euro for 3-4 persons (including a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne).

The arrival of the Ferris wheel is part of “Rotterdam celebrates the city“.

After April 10 the wheel will travel to other cities, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Brussels.

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